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building experiences

Our goal is to create unique experiences at unique venues. The people behind the Complex brand didn't invent the venue management industry — we're reinventing it. One day at a time. One venue at a time. And one unique experience at a time.

Building Experiences


tours and experiences

tours & experiences

Creating unique experiences at your venues is really about telling your story… our team seeks to illustrate your brand, your culture and your history, by bringing your venues to life through artwork, interactive media and world-class experience guides.

special events

special events

The Complex business model not-only provides business development opportunities that maximize your venue’s special event sales endeavors — we also have a sales and service model designed to program unsold inventory and “keep the doors open” 363 each year.

complex events

complex events

Complex produces a portfolio of low risk ticketed events that will maximize your programming calendar… our company doesn’t wait for the phone to ring in hopes of booking a concert… our event experts will create an in-house programming schedule based on your venues and market.

complex solutions

complex solutions

Our team is comprised of some of the venue and event industry’s most knowledgeable, creative professionals — we provide consulting and project management services in event management, event design, venue sponsorship activation, venue design and venue management.


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